weltkarte weisser-spott

Beauty comes from inside


Thanks to the perfect interplay of collagen and tanning, mon amie, the first Collarium® worldwide, makes the dream of youthfulness and attractiveness come true. There is nothing closer to our hearts than your beauty and health, especially that of your skin.
Appealing complexion, silky smooth skin and youthful freshness – provided by mon amie!

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin

Over the years, our skin suffers a loss of elasticity and often tends to produce scaly, dry spots or other types of blemishes which make the complexion look pale and minor wrinkles appear more distinct. Based on the unique combination of the pleasant power of light and the specially designed collagen plus tubes, the Collarium® mon amie gives back to sensitive skin what it has lost over the years, i.e. elasticity, moisture and radiant attractiveness. Thanks to its therapy-light spectrum, the body’s collagen deposit is stimulated in a positive way.  The oxygen absorption of the skin is improved and the detoxification process is influenced in a positive way as well. The skin’s capability of storing moisture increases and the entire collage network, which also comprises sinews, ligaments and joint capsules, is strengthened. Already existing lines and wrinkles disappear. Collagen and, optionally, UV-light – simply twice as good, also for sensitive skin.

Beauty Collagen - Bräune und seidig glatte Haut

Tanned and silky-smooth skin

How the use of collagen light leads to a tanning and, at the same time, anti-wrinkle effect:

  • With increasing age, our body produces less and less collagen, a fact which leads to wrinkles
  • The red collagen light in the Collarium® stimulates the cells to produce collagen
  • The newly-produced collagen is pushed to the skin surface and reduces lines and wrinkles
  • Leading to a natural rejuvenation effect for the skin
  • In addition to collagen light, you can also use corresponding UV tubes
  • The tanning result is similar to that of natural sunlight
  • You can also switch the tanning effect off completely, if you like
  • Recommended time of application: 15 - 20 min. per session